Monday, March 6, 2017

My recent Letter to Modiji

Honourable Prime Minister

With high respect, I encourage the initiative of smart cities and all the technology oriented progress made by you. Adding to that I regretfully have to say that hour of the need for the India is to improve our environmental conditions ie., climate and precipitation.

As we can see there is an increase of 1° Celsius in climate all over India in feb-march 2017 and if we extrapolate to coming years it may get worse. There is a huge shortage of drinking water in most part of Karnataka and in all other states. And sure from government we may get funds but are we trying enough to solve the problem?

We may link all the rivers with whatever budget it takes but what if all the rivers get dried away? In short we need to work on the root of the problem ie., making the climatic conditions normal. Simple but yet challenging solution is to plant samplings in huge numbers and maintain them for at least 2 years. Yes water is scarce but that is the solution we need to find, how to reuse water to make plants grow.

So please have more programs on bringing back the climate to normal and give advertisements on the same. It just takes 2 minutes of your words to stir Indians.

We will be glad to see drinking water all over places than online transactions all over.

Thanking you.